Youtube Monetizing


Me and other producers are noticing that we’re getting Content ID claims on YouTube. When artist lease our beats and distribute through Tune Core, CD Baby, etc they are opting in for YouTube monetization which flags MY beats on MY YouTube channel. Beat Stars offers a Content ID option that protects producers from this happening. Does Airbit have a service like that?


No they don’t.

But you could literally sign up for TuneCore (or another service) yourself and have all your beats content ID so they won’t be able to do this, instead it’ll be your Tunecore account monetising their (rappers) videos.


This is coming to Airbit soon :slight_smile:


How soon? I saw a thread from 2016 that said this feature was coming soon.


Hello? Are you going to answer my last question?


Hello @tkmproductions. We don’t have an eta but it’s not far away from public release


Hey I was wondering about the Youtube Content ID tab… I wanted to opt -in but i dont see the option in my beat catalog.


Hi @MrMagnyphacent, Content ID is not live yet. We are expecting it’s release soon, and have added the guides so people can familiarise themselves with the process before it’s release.


where can you find the guides?




you should sign up for distro kid and make sure when a artist buys your beats you register it before they do…thats more money


Any update on this yet? :robot:


It’s currently being tested to ensure there are no issues when it goes live. Not long now :slight_smile:


Hey EllisHouslin… any eta yet?


distrokid does not support contnent id for hip hop or electronic music


Audium (Who Distrokid uses for the content ID) Stopped a few weeks ago due to many sampling issues. i’m looking for another service, i’m hoping Airbit will help.

If anybody else know of a trust worthy company that also supports content ID let me know.


If your using sounds that you dont own the exclusive rights to you cant register with content id no matter what service you use


Any ideas of when this will be out of beta and going live? I see the FAQs have been in place for awhile, but nobody seems to have that YouTube Content ID tab in their My Beats section of the dashboard yet. Hope the staff had a great holiday!


Hi @bankhardbeats, hope you had a nice holiday also! There’s no eta on this yet - we’ve got a couple of things to finalise with YouTube before it can be released to the public, which is taking some time. We are working to resolve this asap, and we appreciate your patience. We’ll certainly update everyone as soon as we can