Zip file trackouts will not upload!


I am not currently able to upload any trackouts!!! I tried 2 different web browsers (Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome) and it is still not letting me upload any.


Hi @KyleStephenson, sorry about this. We are aware of the issue and have uploaded a fix that has worked for some people, so can you please try again? If you still can’t upload your zip files, please let us know


still getting this error right now!!!


We have recently uploaded another patch that is working for a lot of people, so can you please try uploading your zip file again?

Also, we have reinstated the 3rd party link option, so if you still cannot upload zip files directly you can provide them via a Dropbox/Google Drive/etc. link until we have found a fix that works for everyone. To do this, click the name of the beat in Beats > My Beats, and scroll down to where it says ‘Trackout’- you can enter your link here

Sorry again for any inconvenience caused, and thanks for your patience whilst we look for a solution that works for everyone

How Do I Provide Trackouts?

I’m also having this issue… please help


@BVladi32 we are still looking into a fix that works for everyone. For now, please use the 3rd party links to provide your trackouts via Dropbox/Google Drive/etc.

Thanks for your patience and apologies again for any inconvenience


Hey @BVladi32 @KyleStephenson, this should be fixed now. Thanks again for your patience whilst we fixed the issue

Please let us know if you still cannot upload zip files


It’s still not working.


@bettabeats sorry to hear that. We will need specific diagnostic information from your system. Can you please follow the directions in this post: Diagnosing Upload Issues so we can see why this doesn’t work for you and try to fix this


It’s not letting me upload my zip files to soundkits. Idk how to solve this


Sorry to hear this @AroBeats, can you please elaborate on this - e.g. are you getting an error message, and if so, what does it say?